Employer Information Sessions

NEW: Spotlight sessions

Connect with our students in a unique format

Pitch to potential recruits about your company's ideas on a range of topics, from future-proofing your business to leading the way on sustainability, and job opportunities to tackle those issues.

How it works:

  • Choose between one of the available topics or suggest a new one
  • Join two other employers for each session
  • Present your organisation and current opportunities, and network with potential candidates.

Position your organisation as a leader on issues our students really value,and  connect with a diverse talent pool. 

Registrations open


Publicise your organisation by holding an information session on campus or online. Students who attend are highly motivated, and the session provides an excellent opportunity to network with these students while providing detailed information about your company. Your presence at the University is advertised on the Careers Centre website, student event calendar and through faculty newsletters and social media.


An employer information session:

  • provides detailed information about your organisation directly to students
  • generates interest in upcoming recruitment activities
  • provides you with the opportunity to meet highly motivated students
  • increases your organisation’s profile at the University.

Availability and booking

The Careers Centre only holds employer information sessions at set times throughout the semester. Past experience has demonstrated that presentations outside these times are not effective.

We offer information sessions from Monday to Thursday. We avoid holding information sessions on Fridays, as there tend to be less students on campus. Information sessions will not be run on the same day as a careers fair.

Daytime information sessions run between 12 and 1pm, or 1 and 2pm, and choice of venue is available.

The following options are available for 2023:

Contact us at  careers.employer@sydney.edu.au to discuss the best option for your organisation.

Cost for Employer Spotlight sessions:

A new format for 2023. Pitch to potential recruits about your company's ideas on a range of topics that matter to them.

Included in the $220 (incl. GST) cost is:

  • the organisation of the Employer Spotlight session, including venue hire
  • entry of the session on our student events calendar on our database and website
  • online student registration for the session
  • joint targeted email to advertise the event, valued at $440
  • promotion of the session through our social media channels and faculty newsletters
  • catering for networking with students

Cost for on-campus information session

Included in the $660 (incl. GST) cost is:

  • the organisation of your information session, including venue hire
  • entry of your information session on our student events calendar on the Careers Centre database and website
  • online student registration for your information session
  • email-out to two student cohorts valued at $440 (note: email content must remain the same for both cohorts)
  • promotion of your information session through the Careers Centre social media channels when relevant

Cost for online employer information sessions

Included in the $330 (inc. GST) cost is:

  • Session hosting through University software – Zoom 
  • Promotion of the session through targeted emails and social media
  • Entry of your session on our student events calendar on our database and website

Advertising your Employer Information Session

Letting students know that your organisation is going to be hosting an employer information session at the University is vital to maximise student attendance. The Careers Centre will:

  • Email your preferred targeted student cohorts 
  • Place your logo with hotlink on the Graduate Recruitment webpage. This service is included in all Careers Fair Registrations           (Logo must be high resolution – JPEG)

Related services

Your presence at the University will be best supported in conjunction with other activities. If your information session relates to your graduate recruitment program or internship and vacation work opportunities, don't forget to:

  • advertise for free on CareerHub
  • send a targeted email out to the students you want to meet, reminding them about your information session
  • book in for a careers fair – attendance at a careers fair and information session is a great combination for meeting engaged students and raising your profile at the University.

Contact us

For enquiries about holding an information session, please contact the Industry Development Team on:

Industry Development Team
T: (02) 8627 8403