Virtual Graduate Jobs & Internship Employer Series 2020

University of Sydney Careers Centre – Spring Recruitment Season

We’re delighted to announce the 2020 Virtual Graduate Jobs and Internships Series!

In place of our on-campus Graduate Jobs and Internships Spring Fair, originally scheduled for Thursday 6 August 2020, we’ll be running a series of online information sessions throughout the last two weeks of July and the first two weeks of September. We have decided to go with this format based on your feedback on your recruitment timelines and the way you’d like to engage with students in lieu of coming onto campus in person this year. We are also taking this approach based on feedback from students on how they’d like to engage with you in order to maximise your time with them.

The series will run 5:00-6:30pm from Tuesday to Thursday and will incorporate three half hour sessions so that students can tune in for exclusive time with each organisation. The goal is to keep it brief and maximise the exchange of information by including a short presentation and 10-15 minute Q&A followed by the option of a breakout room after the 30 minute session is finished to carry on the conversation with any high-potential candidates you identify.

Series 1: Tuesday 21 - Thursday 23 July & Tuesday 28 - Thursday 30 July

Series 2: Tuesday 1 - Thursday 3 September & Tuesday 8 - Thursday 10 September

Time: 5 - 6.30pm

Places are limited so register for a spot now for the July (21-30 July) or September (1-10 Sept) series.


Your presence at the virtual employer series will be supported by extensive marketing across the University. This advises students of your presence online and raises the profile of your organisation.

The marketing for this fair includes:

  • organisation of webinar using Zoom and assistance with running the event
  • dedicated space on the Careers Centre student website, including every exhibiting organisation's name, logo, website, applicant eligibility and application opening and closing dates
  • targeted emails to student cohorts
  • strategic postings on social media sites
  • promotional information on student e-learning portals
  • promotional information in student and staff e-newsletters
  • email communications to students and academics through the Careers Centre and faculties
  • targeted promotion and support through relevant clubs and societies.

2020 Cost
Standard: $165 incl GST

Cost includes:

  •  targeted promotional email to your 2 preferred cohorts.

Guest presenter and career development workshops

The Careers Centre will also be running a series of workshops to assist students prepare their applications – there are opportunities for employers to be involved, extending your profile on campus.

Contact the Industry Development Team if you would like to be involved.

Related services

Your attendance will be best supported in conjunction with other activities. Don't forget to:

  • advertise your internship or vacation work opportunities on Sydney CareerHub
  • send a targeted email-out to the students you want to meet, reminding them that you will be on campus
  • Online information sessions via webinar will also be available for other dates and times outside the Virtual Graduate Jobs and Internships Series. These will run for one hour at a cost of $330 (inc GST) and include all of the above marketing and promotion. Register here for your preferred date and time. Dates are flexible throughout semester excluding the STUVAC and exam period from 23 November to 12 December.

Cancellation policy

Cancellation 12+ weeks prior to Event date (no penalty)
Cancellation 10 - 12 weeks prior to Event date (20% registration cost)
Cancellation 4 - 10 weeks prior to Event date (50% registration cost)
Cancellation 0 - 4 weeks prior to Event date (no refund available)


The Careers Centre offers a number of services and opportunities that will complement your attendance at the fair and further promote your profile across the University. Contact the Industry Development Team for more information on how we can help you communicate your opportunities and raise your profile for strategic, meaningful and long-term brand awareness.

Industry Development Team
T: (02) 8627 8403